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Programs for Businesses

To successfully fight climate change we must improve practices in various fields. The Québec government has launched many programs to help businesses make the transition to a lower-carbon world.

Energy Efficiency and Green Energy

  • Residual forestry biomass program (in French)

    The residual forestry biomass program is designed to cut GHG emissions and fossil fuel consumption by funding energy conversion projects to promote the use of energy from residual forestry biomass.

  • ÉcoPerformance program (in French)

    ÉcoPerformance is a program designed to cut the GHG emissions of businesses, municipalities, and institutions by funding projects and measures tied to energy production and consumption and improving industrial processes.

Residual Materials

  • Prime-Vert program (Part 1) (in French)

    Part 1 of the Prime-Vert program is designed to provide agricultural producers with financial assistance for the purchase and installation of waterproof coverings and a biogas treatment system using animal waste in storage structures.

Agricultural Practices

  • Prime-Vert program (Part 4) (in French)

    Part 4 of the Prime-Vert Program is designed to improve the quality of information available to help reduce GHG emissions and support better decision-making for agricultural producers seeking to implement more climate-friendly practices.

Research and Innovation

  • Technoclimat program

    Technoclimat provides financial assistance to property developers and promotes the development of new technologies and innovative processes in the areas of energy efficiency, emerging energy sources, and GHG emission reductions.

Other energy efficiency programs are offered by Ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles and its partners. These programs offer many different types of financial assistance.


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