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Energy Efficiency for Businesses

Québec’s industrial sector is the second biggest emitter of greenhouse gases in the province. The Climate Change Action Plan helps companies reduce their GHG emissions through projects or measures relating to energy consumption, energy production, and process optimization.

The carbon market is also a powerful incentive for businesses to improve their energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Businesses subject to carbon caps are encouraged to find innovative solutions.

In fact, the cost of energy and raw materials are a significant item in many companies’ budgets. Now more than ever, to cut their production costs and enhance profitability and competitiveness, they need to optimize their manufacturing processes and production methods, use renewable energy, and take measures to improve their energy efficiency.

In Québec, the Climate Change Action Plan supports a number of projects that promote energy efficiency in Québec businesses:

  • Installation of a solar photovoltaic system (in French). In June 2015, Pourvoirie du Déziel received $50,453 in financial assistance to replace a diesel generator with a solar photovoltaic system. The system is designed to meet all the outfitter’s energy needs so it can be completely independent of fossil fuels. This will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40.4 tons a year, the equivalent of eliminating a dozen road vehicles.

  • Energy efficiency measures at businesses in the Beauce-Sud (in French) area . In May 2015, nine businesses in the Beauce-Sud area were granted a total of $1,800,000 in financial assistance to improve their processes. Installing less polluting and more energy efficient equipment not only helps these businesses reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it also brings down their operating costs, making them more competitive.

  • Construction of a peat moss processing plant (in French). In July 2015, Tourbières Berger received $785,940 in financial assistance to build a peat moss processing plant near harvesting sites at Rivière-Pentecôte on the North Shore, which means that the peat moss will no longer have to be shipped to the plant in Saint-Modeste. The new plant will reduce the company’s annual diesel consumption by 50%, which in turn will cut its GHG emissions by 785 tons a year, the equivalent of removing 231 vehicles from Québec roads.

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