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Economy and Innovation

In Québec, combating climate change goes hand in hand with strong, sustainable economic development. With the carbon market as its key component, the 2013−2020 Climate Change Action Plan offers many opportunities for innovating in emerging fields such as green technology, energy efficiency, and renewable energy, leading to both job and wealth creation. What’s more, acquiring knowledge on climate change and its impacts helps us develop ways to adapt.

Support innovation, research, and the development, demonstration, and marketing of technologies aimed at reducing GHG emissions (Priority 4)
Support research on adaptation (Priority 6)
Send a carbon price signal by establishing a GHG emission cap-and-trade system (Priority 12)
Promote public transit and alternative transportation by enhancing their availability, developing infrastructure, and facilitating sustainable choices (Priority 13)
Create a greener car fleet through more fuel-efficient and better maintained vehicles (Priority 14)
Invest in intermodality and logistics to optimize freight and passenger transportation (Priority 15)
Enhance the efficiency of maritime, rail, air, and off-road transportation (Priority 16)
Reduce the environmental footprint of road freight transport (Priority 17)
Enhance the carbon balance and energy efficiency of Québec businesses (Priority 18)
Equip farmers to better manage GHG emissions from crop and livestock production (Priority 22)
Foster the emergence of bioenergy in Québec (Priority 24)
Enhance the energy efficiency of commonly used devices (Priority 25)
Support vulnerable economic players (Priority 27)