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Government Committed to Setting an Example

Although the government (public and broader public sector) accounts for barely 1% of Québec’s total greenhouse gas emissions, it must serve as a model for the rest of society. It must substantially cut its emissions, especially those generated by its car fleet, buildings, residual material management, and procurement policies.

Climate change must also be taken into account when developing new legislative instruments, government policies, and environmental assessments. With regard to procurement and infrastructure and equipment management, the Québec government encourages the use of renewable energy and green technology to encourage the shift to a prosperous, lower carbon economy.

In Québec, the Climate Change Action Plan promotes initiatives within the Québec government:

  • Sustainable commuting. The Québec government has launched initiatives encouraging its staff to use low-GHG public transit and active transportation. To date, 16 government ministries have adopted sustainable commuting plans.

  • Electrification of the government’s car fleet. The government’s car fleet already includes 325 electric vehicles, thus reducing air pollution and expenditures on imported fossil fuel.

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